Do you have technical questions about PowerPoint? Here we can help you.

powerpoint-helpdesk -
powerpoint-helpdesk -

Problem Solvers

How does it work?

The PowerPoint Helpdesk is a paid PowerPoint support and is aimed at companies, self-employed and freelancers who have an application problem with PowerPoint.

It’s very simple: just ask your question in the form and send it to us. Then we will send you an order confirmation. Only if you accept the order confirmation, the support contract comes off.  For answering a question we charge a flat rate of 30 EUR plus 19% VAT.

Core business hours: Monday to Friday 9.00 – 17.00 o’clock. We process your questions one after the other.

    I have a PowerPoint question. V2-Powerpoint may contact me for this purpose.

    Attention, clicking the send button DOES NOT create an order and DOES NOT incur any costs. You will then receive an offer which you can accept but do not have to accept.