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Explain complex content

People most likely believe what they have seen with their own eyes. Take advantage of this truth with your customers, partners and suppliers. Use appealing infographics to illustrate your content and make it credible. This applies to presentations as well as to newsletters, social media content and corporate publishing. For this it is important that the graphics are professionally structured and function as eye-catchers. It is therefore a good idea to have an infographics professionally created and to rely on the expertise and experience of an agency. Bring your company forward and take advantage of an infographics service.

zwei beispiele von powerpoint-infografiken

Fields of application

Graphics – one tool, infinite application possibilities

With pictures for illustration even complex facts become understandable. In addition, elements such as the corporate design of a company can be presented, so that the target group remembers it in the long term. In the following you will get to know different fields of application in which animated explanation videos, interactive contents and pictures have a high value.
infografik für unternehmens-präsentationen
Company Presentations

Pictures play a decisive role in company presentations. They loosen up the presentation and make the contents tangible and memorable. Whether you give a presentation or send it by e-mail, information graphics are always an important tool.

infografik für social media
Social media

Especially on the Internet, tangible content is extremely important. Very few take the time to read long texts. Therefore information graphics are very helpful here. The followers see at a glance what you want to convey to them and can easily share the corresponding content.

newsletter vorlagen

Newsletters are a good way to keep customers up to date. But even here, time is precious. Therefore, it makes sense to design the newsletter in such a way that the contents can be captured within seconds or at most minutes.

infografik für corporate publishing
Corporate Publishing

A company draws attention to itself in very different ways. These include brochures, flyers and blogs. Information graphics add value and appeal to all these channels, making them more successful.

The different manifestations of information graphics

Images and information graphics are available in various formats and manifestations. What is suitable for a company presentation, for example, can appear too large or confusing on a flyer. Therefore it is important to find the suitable variant for the respective purpose. One page graphics are suitable for example outstanding for presentations and screen representations. They are in landscape format and usually contain 1-5 pieces of information.

In contrast, infographic banners are especially efficient on the web and in social networks. They are designed by the Infographics Service in portrait format and contain up to 15 pieces of information. In corporate publishing, images are used in a variety of ways and some are sent. This is why high-quality vector files are used here.

These can be offered in very different formats.

infografik onepager

One Page infographics

banner mit close up

Infographics Banner

informationsgrafik für print und web

Corporate Infographics

diagramm anders aufbereitet

Diagram Infographics


Isometric Infographics

powerpoint-3d-infografik mit erklärungen

3D Infographics

Infographics are more than colorful pictures

Images act as eye-catchers and bring information and facts to the point. A good designer in an agency is able to convey information as well as trigger emotions or reactions from the viewers. In this way, people receive added value from the images and are addressed on both an emotional and rational level.

Especially on the web, it is important that images have the highest possible entertainment value. Only then will they be shared and achieve the greatest possible reach. But such content also makes sense in print media because it makes the corporate design of a company known and is captured and understood within a very short time.

More and more companies are therefore working with agencies. In this way, they receive image material that is tailored to their individual needs and fits perfectly into their own social media strategy. Here on an optimal mixture from data and facts as well as entertaining elements one sets. The success proves the concept right: On the Internet, information graphics are even more often shared than videos and pictures.


Infographics in banner format

powerpoint-infografik in powerpoint erstellt


Rely on V2-PowerPoint

V2-PowerPoint is your professional partner for infographics. Our designers ensure that your content is graphically appealing and clearly understandable. PowerPoint is a useful tool here because it offers clear structures and great development possibilities. With us, you benefit from the specialist and methodological knowledge as well as the many years of experience of passionate information designers.

Furthermore V2-PowerPoint stands for excellent quality and high-quality results. Nobody has anything of the commonplace graphics that everyone else uses. Creative, appealing and extraordinary information graphics are our claim, which we have already lived up to in many projects.

Competent employees with analytical expertise create your projects with the help of PowerPoint, so that they fit perfectly to you and your company.

Last but not least, our price-performance ratio is just right. You don’t have to invest huge sums of money, but get excellent results at reasonable prices. We calculate very transparently and work with daily rates. So you always know exactly for which services you have to pay which price. This helps you with the calculation and conception in your company. Benefit from the advantages of a first-class service provider and get in touch with us directly.

Do you need a high-quality info graphic for your presentation or another medium?

We would be pleased to make you an offer for the creation of infographics. Simply contact us without obligation. We look forward to your inquiry.

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