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Gain time. Consistency and trust. Our systematic and well-designed PowerPoint masters and templates make your life easier.

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Work effectively

That’s why you need a PowerPoint master with system

Increasing requirements in the design of (PowerPoint) presentations make the use of a PowerPoint master or template almost inevitable. The days when a good product was enough for a successful presentation are long gone. More than ever before, a presentation must not only reflect the quality and competence of image brochures, but must also be memorable and easy to understand.

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Our system slide masters shorten the manufacturing process of a presentation considerably.

With their uniform design, they ensure that appearance, texture and content do not fall by the wayside in the hectic phase before the presentation. Brand identity and recognition value are preserved. Trust and ability become visible.

Ein Folienmaster im Corporate Design

Our professional slide masters offer you many advantages:

Even non-designers create good presentations

Many page types pre-layout (e.g. Case Studies)

Professional appearance

Corporate design integrated

Presentation colour concept

High recognition value → competence transfer

Work faster → More time for preparation

Step by step

How we create our PowerPoint Masters

In order for a PowerPoint master to be universally usable, it is not enough to develop 10 layouts in blue, in the hope that it will already fit.
Analyse und Beratung

Step 1

Situation analysis

In order to create a master with maximum suitability for you, we sift and analyze many different presentations and slides.


Step 2


With the information we gained in the analysis, we develop the visual concept and a first raw slide master. Then we try to rebuild the source slides with the raw slide master in the new design.

Schulterblick mit Abstimmung

Step 3


Before we show you the first drafts for the vote, you get a first glance.

Beratung des Kunden

Step 4


Now you get to see the master or masters depending on how many versions you have commissioned and we discuss the design and function with you. We will then discuss any changes you wish to make and any additional ideas you may have.

Umsetzung des Folienmasters in PowerPoint

Step 5


After you have decided on a variant, you release your preferred version and we start with the implementation of the slide master.

Corporate Design Analyse

Step 6


After the second adjustment the master receives its final polish. After that we will test it again. When everything is optimal and works well, we will send the master to you for final approval and then you can get started.

Corporate Powerpoint-Master für GCE, Frankfurt

Many words

Templates for newsletters and tenders!

Create your newsletter in-house, with newsletter slide masters developed by us. Or take part in tenders with PowerPoint masters and templates specially designed for this purpose.
Publisher statt Word
Newsletter templates

As soon as it comes to design and layout, PowerPoint is MS Word far superior. At least in most cases. With the newsletter slide masters developed by us, for example, you can easily create your newsletters in-house and without an agency directly in PowerPoint.

Vorlagen für Ausschreibungen
Tender templates

Large tenders often require extensive responses. With a PowerPoint template, you don’t always have to start from scratch. PowerPoint also offers better design options than MS Word. For example the practical image placeholders and layout tools which are unfortunately missing in Word. Accordingly, you can answer tenders not only more convincingly, but also more quickly.

Vorlagen für Newsletter
Microsoft Publisher, the Simple Word-and-InDesign Alternative

The Microsoft Publisher is an easy-to-use solution for text-heavy projects with high demands on design. After all, MS Publisher is Microsoft’s “answer” to Adobe InDesign and Co. Accordingly, it is much easier to learn than Adobe InDesign. And for graphic tasks it is always better suited than Word. In addition, you don’t have to purchase any new software, because the Publisher is already included in most Office packages for Windows.

Agency service

InDesign to PowerPoint Master!

For all those who prefer to develop their presentation in Adobe InDesign, we offer the possibility to convert your design into PowerPoint (PowerPoint clean drawing). If this is a draft for a slide master, then it makes sense to get us on board early in order to avoid typical PowerPoint cliffs and to avoid thinking errors during the conception.
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PR Agentur Edelmann, Paris
Agentur: Vasata-Schröder, Hamburg
Agentur: KNSK Hamburg
PR Agentur Kirchhoff, Hamburg
PR Agentur Havas, Hamburg

Do you need a professional PowerPoint slide master?

We would be pleased to make you an offer for the creation of a slide master or a template. Simply contact us without obligation. We look forward to your inquiry.

Donald Völker
Managing Director, Creative Director

Fon +49 (0) 4108-419 888
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