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We support you with the structure and content and prepare the slides optimally for the desired purpose.

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New Development

Have your company presentations created

Outstanding PowerPoint presentations are more than a collection of slides and images. They are fully composed forms of presentation with a clear concept. PowerPoint presentations are not an end-in- themselves, but always have a clear goal that is oriented to one parameter only: the addressee. The determination of the target group and the audience is therefore an important factor in the creation of such a presentation. Only then does it fulfil its purpose and enhance your success.

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High end against boredom!

So stop being satisfied with mediocre presentations. The time has come to trust in high quality and creative approaches. We can make PowerPoint better and more efficient than ever. Save a lot of time creating your presentations and benefit from 20 years of experience. The time of mediocre presentations is over. When you have your presentation created with us, you are really getting started.

Development Process

Four steps to your high-end presentation

The assignment, brainstorming, implementation and finally approval, followed by analyses, detailed studies, checkpoints and coordination. This results in better presentations.
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Create presentations for a variety of occasions

There is a lot to be said for not creating PowerPoint presentations yourself, but having them created. Just think of the time saved by such a service. Concentrate entirely on your core competencies and let us do the craftsmanship for you. We offer you presentations with a clear structure, a red thread and added value for your addressees. As a PowerPoint agency, we focus on versatility and presentations according to customer requirements.

There are many occasions when such a presentation is useful. These include company presentations, business presentations, sales presentations, pitch decks, trade fair presentations, training presentations, info screens and road shows. All these different forms of presentation are aimed at different target groups and have to be developed in very different ways. For example, many trade fair presentations can be self-running, whereas training presentations usually require additional comments and explanations.

Make sure that you have the optimal presentation for your purpose at hand and trust a PowerPoint agency with experience and good ideas. We support you step by step to an outstanding presentation with which you can achieve and implement your professional goals and business concepts.

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Our professional presentations offer you many advantages:

We ask the right questions!

We support you with structure and development!

We are professional designers with 20 years of presentation experience!

We create outstanding animations with PowerPoint!

We take care of a professional project flow!

In short, we make better presentations!


You can expect the following services from us

We fulfil all your wishes regarding PowerPoint presentations from the first steps to the actual presentation. Our range of services consists of three steps:
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1. planning and research

The first step of any presentation is to define the content. What do I want to present for what reason? Which goals do I want to achieve with my presentation and what should my audience take with them? Only when these questions have been clarified does the actual research for suitable content begin in order to achieve these goals.

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2. design structure and structure

Whether content ist well-received and understood depends on the structure of a presentation. The contents must be prepared by text, graphics and pictures in such a way that they remain in the memory and inspire reflection. The point is to design slides that show all the essentials at a glance and clearly arranged. In a business presentation, for example, elements such as the corporate design come to the fore and a red thread facilitates understanding.

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3. the realization of the presentation

The actual realization of the presentation has a lot to do with craftsmanship. We know the techniques and methods to create a convincing presentation that is both appealing and efficient. If you have your presentation created by us, you will receive a professional PowerPoint presentation, which you can use for your marketing, your company presentation or any other purpose. The statements and illustrations are clear and understandable and the corporate design is fully but discreetly accentuated on the slides.

Our claim

The three “C” in Marketing: Content, Content, Content

“Content first” is a common strategy in the business world. It is based on the classic formula “form follows function” and means that form must always be subordinated to purpose. For this reason, content is the focus of attention in presentations. Images and graphics are not an end in themselves, but are used to support the content. We attach great importance to well-researched content with added value for your target group. If you have your presentation created by us, you can be sure to receive a meaningful and effective presentation.

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präsentationen erstellen lassen -

Our customers get exactly what they want

We attach great importance to presentations according to customer requirements. The development of PowerPoint benefits this requirement. Thus company presentations can be built up modularly and upgraded by a stringent headline guidance and a visual concept tailored to the respective presentation. We create the presentation so that you are satisfied and can work with it. That’s why we clarify your wishes and requirements in advance. In this way, we ensure that you receive exactly the presentation you want.

Have a high-quality PowerPoint presentation created for you

Get ready to inspire your audience with your lectures, workshops and presentations. If you have your presentation created by us, you are optimally prepared for all events and present yourself and your contents optimally. We look forward to hearing from you and to conceiving and realising a presentation for you.

Donald Völker
Managing Director, Creative Director

Fon +49 (0) 4108-419 888

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