We need an outstanding sales presentation. With a wink of the eye.

The task:
Compared to the other WELT titles, DIE WELT Aktuell had the disadvantage that it is not included in any coverage study and has only a small circulation, so the sales presentation should have a modern, expressive, but not overloaded eye-catching look, which presents the theme and the product in a visually appropriate way. The contents should be visualized, illustrated and loosened up in an appealing way with regard to the four topics topicality (editorial deadline, speed), exclusivity (decision maker target group, pers./exclusive distribution), creativity (conspicuous special formats), flexibility (responding to customers, setting common themes). The presentation should work independently of the current PowerPoint master of Axel Springer Verlag.


The whole thing can look completely different, with a wink of the eye.


The creative idea:
In order to achieve this goal, we developed an elaborately animated sales presentation for Axel Springer Verlag, which presents the advantages of WELT Aktuell. Many animated illustrations and a dynamic soundtrack were used.

The agency service:
Consulting, concept, illustration of the various topics, slide master, implementation of the animation in PowerPoint, editorial editing of the texts, sound research and editing, English adaptation and MP4 video rendering for the web.

Due to its success, the presentation was also used as a video on the Axel Springer Verlag media site.