Alstom Power EHS

Tailor-made PowerPoint presentation on environmental, health and safety standards (EHS)

The initial situation: In spring 2015, Alstom Power from Switzerland asked us to develop a tailor-made PowerPoint presentation on the new Quality Mission. The presentation was to be based visually on the “Emission Compliance Presentation”, which we had previously created. But with a new slide master and a colored background.

The creative idea: As before, we opted for infographics in combination with PowerPoint animations. In particular, the comparison of different working methods (e.g. seconds 8 to 23 in the video) could be presented so well. The same applies to downtimes and the associated unproduced electricity.

The agency’s service: We created a special 16:9 slide master, created approx. 200 different illustrations and animated them in PowerPoint.

The result: This PowerPoint presentation later became a whole slide complex with about one hundred slides for the “Pride in our EHS” conference.


Advantages of PowerPoint animations:


In contrast to video animations, PowerPoint animations are not dependent on the playback computer (codec problem), but run unproblematically on all PowerPoint versions from 2007. Our PowerPoint animations can be easily supplemented by the client and adapted to other situations.


2. June 2019


Business Presentation, PowerPoint Animation


animations, District of Harburg, energy, industry, plant engineering